Food and Wine can be delicious or disgusting.

Food and Wine can be good for you or bad for you.

Food and Wine can improve your health or destroy your health.

Food and Wine can be one of life’s greatest pleasures or biggest disappointments.

Food and Wine can bring people together or define our differences.

Food and Wine enhance the celebration of weddings, events and gatherings, while at the same time bring people together to grieve and mourn in comfort at a wake.

With those and so many more ways that good food and wine touch our lives, there just doesn’t seem to be enough words to explain the important role these wonderful pleasures in our life play.

Yet, in our modern 21st century lifestyle there are so many things going on in our lives, our worlds and our minds that we just don’t seem to slow down long enough in our busy days to really enjoy, understand and sometimes select what we eat and drink.

To really be selective on what we purchase in our shopping trips or take the time to really learn as much about what we eat and drink and put into our bodies as we should.

Your body has 5 necessities in order to continue to stay alive: oxygen, water, food, shelter and sleep.

If you think about it the single necessity FOOD, is connected to each and every one of the other four. All that we eat, whether it is a living creature or grown and harvested, require oxygen and water to gestate, survive and grow themselves.

Sleep is effected directly and indirectly with what you eat and consume each and every day.

What about shelter? Well would we ourselves or our ancestors have ever had the strength to build the shelter we need without the energy we receive from food?

Of course not and if we have no food then what good is our shelter? It would simply become the structure that protected us from dangerous exterior elements only for us to die within it.

There is nothing more important in our lives than what we eat and drink. Here at All Things Food And Wine we intend to always remember that and always remind you, our visitor and our guest of that.

Our founder, Chef Mickey Bates, has an intensive and thorough background in literally all things food and wine.

He has over 35 years in the food and beverage industry that expands from his first job at 13 years young in a fast food chain (if you ever meet him in person he will deny that!) to 3 five star restaurants, a five star hotel and resort, golf clubs, catering operations, a wine store, one failed pizza shop (he’ll deny that too!) and many private chef gigs.

He comes from a heritage of Greek and Italian ancestors that go back 5 generations in the food business and is one of 4 chefs in the family from his own generation.

His greatest teachers were his Grandfather, Peter Baziotes, a Greek Chef from Sparta, Greece and his Grandmother, Micholena Elefante, Aunt Joyce (Elefante) Wilson and Mother Margaret (Elefante) Bates who were Italian housewives from Canton, Ohio who’s amazing cooking and recipes could leave a Master Chef asking “How did you make that, I want the recipe!”

He has consulted and assisted on the opening of 8 new restaurants and over the past 7 years has helped restaurants with their operational, internet marketing and social media needs.

Since becoming an entrepreneur in the internet marketing and social media ecommerce industry, Chef Mickey had noticed something, running a top notch kitchen and the internet have some things in common.

One, they both have so many resources to choose from, it’s very easy to get lost in the overload.

Two, there are so many wonderful hidden or “secret” resources available that just do not get enough exposure because they’re not in the main stream and that’s too bad.

And as a Chef, he understands that their is nothing more important than resources, to be exact, there is nothing more important than quality resources.

We can become to easily lured into quick and easy, fast and simple, high volume, low quality crap, just because that’s what’s put in front of us everyday.

Just as it is so convenient to buy that frozen dinner, pop it in the microwave and have an unsatisfying, unhealthy dinner that serves only one purpose, to make our hunger go away.

We can get caught in that same convenience trap online with information convenience and overload.

Just go to Google, type in a recipe, take the first result at the top of the search pages that Google deems most relevant to what you’re looking for, then read the recipe and buy something from the ad placed next to the recipe because it was suggested and on sale.

But just like in the restaurant world, the online world has all those buried secrets and treasures hidden beneath the convenience and simplicity.

That is how All Things Food And Wine was born. To fill a need.

And the need is NOT more information or resources.

The need is a one stop online source that provides for you, our visitor and guest, access to only the finest information, resources and products available to everything related to All Things Food And Wine. We’ll review products for you from the best Apples in season to Wine Coolers.

To remove all the bullshit branded, marketed and advertised information overload. We intend and aim to take all of our experience and knowledge to pull the weeds in the online garden of information, trim away the fat and skim off the impurities.

Leaving with what you want, need, enjoy and deserve.

Our Mission:

At All Things Food And Wine our mission is to be the best food, wine and everything related resource website providing a vast menu of knowledge, tips, tactics, secrets, insights and expertise in the all things related to food and wine.

We will work with dedication and diligence to assure that we provide only the finest resources, information, products and recommendations to our passionate readers.

Our goal is to be the five star online destination for anyone who has interest, questions or just plain passion for food, wine and all things related. For those with a discerning taste and love for the best life has to offer.

We strive to maintain a truthful and honest knowledge and expert based forum of both original content, product reviews, insights and resources as well as curated and aggregated content that we find meets ours and our readers standards.

These days Chef Mickey can be found during the summer months entertaining guests and creating a wonderful breakfast experience at the Bridge Street Inn, a Bed and Breakfast located in the beautiful Charlevoix, Michigan, a summer resort and boating town surrounded by Lake Michigan, Lake Charlevoix and Round Lake. During the winter season he travels to warmer destination to work on his cookbooks, ecommerce business and in search of even more culinary adventures and journeys.

Because: “Life’s Too Short To Eat Bad Food Or Drink Bad Wine”